“Finally! Mentor’s Top Gym Has Created A Cost Effective,
Short Term, and Results Driven Personal
Training Program For Busy Dads”


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We understand how hard it is being a Dad.

Your work, wife, and children become your number one priority which means you forget to look after yourself as well as you’d like to.

We have helped many busy dads just like you get healthy and active while not losing important time with family and your career.

This is why we’re opening up 20 spots in the Elite Sports Performance’s 21-Day Ripped Dads challenge for a limited time only.

Here’s What’s You’re Getting During Your 21-Day Ripped Dads Challenge

  • 8 Personalized Training Sessions with a custom workout program and trainer so you can build healthy muscle and burn fat as well.
  • 21-Day Ripped Dads Home Workouts so you can ramp up your metabolism at home while setting an example of fitness and accountability for your family.
  • 21-Day Ripped Dads Eating Plan, grocery list and recipe guide so you don’t ever have to wonder what to eat or when. It’s all done for you!!
  • Goal Setting Session so you can learn what’s most important to YOU and set motivating goals so you progress every step of the way.

What Are Other People Saying About The Ripped Dads Challenge?

Dropped 40lbs Between His Daughter’s Freshman
And Junior Year!!

“After being sedentary for many years and being unhappy
with my health I decided to join the Ripped Dads Challenge. As a
former athlete I wanted to get back to my old athletic self. From the
time I joined the challenge to now I’ve dropped 40 pounds, and seen
an increase in my strength, energy and more importantly my

-Rob Rae

Lost 5lbs Each Month.
That’s 60lbs In 1 Year!!

“When I joined the Ripped Dads Challenge I was 320 lbs and quite
intimidated about starting, but after sticking through the workouts
and making slight diet changes, I’ve been able to lose 45 lbs in a
year, complete a tough mudder and have ran several 5ks.”

-Ryan Rhatican

Take The 21-Day Ripped Dads Challenge

Enter Your Contact Information Below To Get Started